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Client Testimonials

"I would recommend to anyone with a hearing disability to take the step that I took; My hearing difficulties have been overcome. My audiologist understood my needs and the difficulties I was experiencing. I left feeling well informed and appreciative of the service I received."

Sir Patrick Hogan, Anglesea Clinic

"It has been a magic experience and I feel like I have a new lease on life. The only regret I have is that I haven't taken these steps years ago." I went to The Club the other night and could have a few sips and a yarn to my old mates without missing out on anything."

Mr Patrick Glentworth, Anlgesea Clinic

“I am really happy; my life has changed so much. People say I've gained some confidence and when they ask me what I've done I say, (Got hearing aids!). The clinician originally recommended ACC which was unsuccessful. However, my case was put to Enable by Triton and I got $3600!! I couldn't believe it! Jim has been brilliant to deal with. This, by the way, is probably the first one of these questionnaires I have replied to ever!”

Elaine, Anglesea Clinic

“The clinician was so professional, but warm and caring. She evaluated my problems and suggested solutions but did not push her ideas. She allowed me complete freedom of choice and explained the trial periods and what was possible. I was made to feel special and someone who could be helped.”

Jim, Rototuna Clinic

“I was at ease as everything was explained in a simple and easy to understand way. The service was excellent and I will definitely recommend Triton to others. Thank you for your patience, your helpful advice and thorough explanation of my new hearing aid.”

Ursula, Fraser Street Clinic

“Thank you to all the staff at Triton for putting me at ease when I felt apprehensive. The clinic location is good and there is always a parking space. The clinician was very easy to communicate with, extremely helpful and explained my new hearing aids in great detail.”

Betty, Papanui Clinic

"I am so impressed with the excellent service all round. I will definitely recommend Triton to others as the staff are always efficient and friendly. I have been using hearing aids for many years and this clinic is the very best I have been to. I am so grateful that I came to your clinic and I really can’t praise the clinician enough for her patience and thoroughness. Thank you all round."

Susanna, Papanui Clinic

“I found all of the Triton staff to be friendly and efficient at all times and it is always a pleasure to see the audiologist. It was just good fortune that I selected Triton, but I couldn’t have been luckier in my selection.”

Douglas, Shirley Clinic

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