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A New World Of Hearing Is Coming Soon

A New World Of Hearing Is Coming Soon



The future of hearing healthcare is coming to NZ in early 2021.  Triton World of Hearing will be an audiology experience like no other.  This will be Sonova’s largest audiology concept store in the world and will be proudly located on Newmarket’s Broadway, one of the busiest streets in NZ.
We cannot do this ground-breaking innovation justice in an advert.  We are therefore inviting you to have a one to one confidential conversation with Craig Lett, Triton’s Head of Innovation & Audiology.  Craig will be able to share confidential insights, from the full store design and layout, to the unique customer journey at Triton World of Hearing.  In the meantime, we invite you to have a sneak preview of the new concept store which is currently under construction in the video below.
Craig looks forward to hearing from you via email
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