Welcome to better hearing

Hearing devices have changed dramatically and today’s digital hearing devices are not only better looking but also far superior in their ability to give close-to-natural hearing.

Modern hearing devices are miniature computers that perform in varied and demanding situations. They increase the level of sound into the ear and process sounds to give you the best speech signal possible.


Today's Hearing Aids are better than you think

Multiple microphones on Hearing Aids allow them to pick up directionality, helping you locate where sounds come from. In directional mode, they can pick up and prioritise sounds that come from in front of you – good for picking up a single voice in a crowded room. In non-directional mode, the device will pick up sound from all directions. Advanced models can automatically switch between directional and non-directional modes as they detect the need, providing the listener with significant advantages in challenging listening environments.

Whistling and screeching used to be commonplace with Hearing Aids. But no more. Hearing Aids can now sense when a ‘feedback loop’ is about to happen and change their processing to try to eliminate this whistling.

Older Hearing Aids used to make everything loud. Today’s Hearing Aids are able to replicate the processing of the natural ear, automatically keeping soft sounds soft and loud sounds loud. Some also have the option to control volume manually so you can adjust performance to match your surroundings.


Hearing Aids sound complicated and expensive! 

Hearing Aids may be technologically advanced, but they are very straightforward to use. Your Triton Hearing Expert will help you select the best hearing solution for you and programme your hearing aid to meet your individual listening needs.

And don’t worry, Hearing Aids come in a range of prices so there’s something for every budget. There are also Hearing Aid funding options available, from subsidies to interest-free payment plans.

You can book a consultation with our experienced audiology clinicians to discuss the best option for you, or you might like to trial the latest digital Hearing Aids for free.