How much do Hearing Aids cost?

Choosing the right Hearing Aid for you will be dependent on your individual listening needs, as well as your budget and your lifestyle starting from only $495 including government subsidy for a pair.

At Triton Hearing, we having made choosing the right hearing solution simple by offering a range of devices within each Technology Performance Level and we are the only hearing care provider to offer a Better Hearing Guarantee, which includes Lifetime Free Care and Support* and a Free 3 year Warranty on devices to ensure your peace of mind.


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What about Government Funding for Hearing Aids?

Triton Hearing is an authorised partner working with ACC (where hearing loss is due to accidental damage or work-related), Health Insurance, Veterans Affairs and Government Funding and Subsidies. Find out more about funding options for you.

Two ears or one?

We have two ears for a good reason. Your brain processes subtle differences in the sound that reaches each ear so we can locate sounds in our environment. Whether this is to know where a danger may exist or to know which person is speaking, two ears working together is important for safe and effective communication.

Although you may have different levels of hearing loss in each ear, it is usual to need to assist both ears to ensure you can enjoy a full life – it really can make double the difference! Your audiology professional will discuss your needs with you.