You can hear. Nobody can see

Lyric is a breakthrough technology that provides the ultimate discreet hearing solution. It’s the first (and only) 100% invisible hearing device, ensuring pure, natural sound 24/7.


Welcome to beautifully simple hearing

Advanced micro-engineering technology delivers a level of performance and efficiency never before seen in hearing devices. Working with the ear’s natural contours, Lyric is an in-the-ear-canal hearing solution that provides beautiful sound and superior comfort. This is ground-breaking technology that no one will ever see.




More than discreet, Lyric is 100% invisible. The size of your fingertip, Lyric sits comfortably inside the ear canal, close to the ear drum.



The innovation lies within. To provide exceptional performance, Lyric has exceeded the pre-existing limits of acoustics, processing and power supply. Engineers and ENTs have created a device that is small enough to sit deep within the ear canal, yet powerful enough to capture sound and amplify it with minimal processing.


Clear Natural Sound

Lyric is one of the best options for pure, beautiful hearing. This is achieved by a breakthrough design that allows sound to enter the ear naturally and flow towards the ear drum. The result is a revolution in sound quality without compromising on comfort.


Remote Control

The SoundLync remote gives you the power to turn Lyric on and off, adjust volume, and set to sleep mode. With discretion and simplicity in mind, SoundLync is no bigger than a small key.


Fit and Forget

Designed for real life. Lyric is worn continuously for up to 3 months. You can shower, exercise, sleep and pretty much forget it’s there. No batteries to change, no daily insertion or removal. Every 3 months we replace the entire unit with a fresh one.

Find out if Lyric is right for you.

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