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What are you waiting for?

With a network of 56 clinics throughout New Zealand, there is a qualified audiology clinician not far from you who is ready to help you take care of your hearing health today. Book today on 0800 45 45 44.

What to expect from your Hearing Checkup

  • When you call to book, we will ask you a few questions about your hearing. This helps us understand what type of checkup is likely to be best for you.
  • On the day our friendly, qualified Hearing Expert will take you through simple testing to check your hearing and discuss your lifestyle needs. This gives us a good understanding of which solution will help you enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • A simple screening may only take 15-20 minutes, but if you are showing signs of hearing loss in everyday life,  we recommend a full assessment, which takes around 1 hour.
  • Your checkup is carried out by a qualified audiology clinician; an Audiologist or Audiometrist.
  • It will be Free of Charge. Your hearing checkup is free. In some cases, such as for a workplace medical, there may be a fee for this service.

Sometimes follow-up hearing assessments may be needed, in many cases Triton Hearing will also offer these free of charge.

What to expect after your Hearing Checkup

Your Triton Hearing expert will explain:

And they’ll answer any questions.

If you have hearing loss they may recommend experiencing the benefit of the latest digital hearing aids with a FREE 10-day Trial