How to talk to someone about their hearing loss

Hearing loss makes it harder to connect with those we love, harder to function in the workplace and tougher to take part in everyday life. It can be stressful and tiring for everyone. Every day we see clients who have suffered in silence through years of hearing loss when the solution is free – a hearing check with a Hearing Expert.

Refusing to acknowledge a hearing loss is a common occurrence. In fact, we probably all know someone who should be doing something about their hearing. They nod and smile when you ask them a question, they mishear what you’re asking, they turn the TV up and may even tell you you’re mumbling!

Living in denial

We all want our senses to work perfectly, and it can be hard to accept that they aren’t. Because hearing problems can happen slowly, people with hearing loss are often able to cope, sometimes for years, without taking action. They lose the sounds they love gradually, so the changes are almost unnoticeable.

Often, it takes someone who cares about them to help them understand just how much they’re missing and to help them take the next step. If that’s you, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can start talking to someone about their hearing loss.


Reassure them hearing loss is common and the solution is as simple as getting reading glasses


If you’ve noticed specific signs of their hearing loss you can ask them how they find that situation: e.g. ‘Do you find it frustrating when…?’


Hearing loss often creates an unnecessary strain on your relationship. You may want to share how you feel and what you’re doing to help them cope with the sounds they’re missing. It’s possible they don’t know the impact it’s having


You may notice that they are missing out at work or that other people are starting to avoid chatting with them. Sharing examples of these times may help them understand that it’s time to take the next step


The next step is easy, and there’s no obligation. Ask them to book a free hearing checkup with a Triton Hearing Audiologist. It’s free to call 0800 45 45 44

Need more help coping with hearing loss? Have a read of our coping strategies to help you and them.

The truth about hearing



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