Caring for your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids contain delicate electronics, easily damaged by dirt, wax or moisture. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help your Hearing Aids work better, for longer. Your audiology clinician will show you how to care for your specific model of Hearing Aids. We’re always available to help, at no charge, simply call 0800 45 45 44. Here are some helpful tips on how to clean Hearing Aids.

Daily Care

At the beginning or end of each day, check your Hearing Aids for any build-up of wax or debris in the tubing or sound outlets. Look at the tubing to see if there is any moisture.

Wipe your Hearing Aids all over with a dry cloth or tissue to remove wax and debris, clear the sound outlets using the brush tool. If you have custom moulded or behind-the-ear (BTE) Hearing Aids there are cleaning sprays that can help.

Look over your Hearing Aids for any cracks in the tubing and check whether any replaceable components (domes, tubes, wax filters) need to be changed.

At the end of every day, switch off your Hearing Aids by opening the battery doors and put them in a drying box to remove moisture.

Using Drying Capsules

You will receive drying capsules with your new Hearing Aids. You can buy more capsules from your Triton Hearing clinic or by sending a request to sales@tritonhearing.co.nz

Drying capsules help remove the moisture from your Hearing Aids, keeping them working well. Be sure to change the drying capsule in your drying box when it turns white.

Regular Maintenance

Every 4-6 months, take some time to do a more thorough clean and check of your Hearing Aids. This may include changing the tubing, domes and wax filters.

If you are unsure of how to do this, please call your local Triton Hearing clinic. Our clinic team are happy to give you instructions. Or visit a Triton Hearing clinic for a free clean and check; it’s all part of our FREE Lifetime Care.

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Need help with your Hearing Aid? We’re here to help, no matter where you bought your Hearing Aid. Contact us 0800 45 45 44.