Free Services For Hearing Aid Wearers

Buying a Hearing Aid through Triton Hearing gives you lifelong peace of mind as well as great value with free Lifetime Care.


To get the most from your hearing aids you need to keep them clean and well maintained. Changing tubing, filters and domes should be done every 4-6 months but it can be fiddly work. We’re here to help. Your local Triton Hearing clinic offers a FREE clean and check service for hearing aid wearers, NO MATTER WHERE YOU BOUGHT YOUR HEARING AIDS. Simply call us to ask about coming in.


Buying a hearing aid is just the beginning of your journey to better hearing. Your hearing aids will last for several years and we want you to get the best from them without worrying about additional costs. For this reason, when you purchase your hearing aids from Triton Hearing, appointments and any on-site repairs are completely FREE for the life of your hearing aids. Free Lifetime Care is exclusive to Triton Hearing. It’s part of how we provide great value for you. We’ll also keep in touch regularly to make sure everything’s going well. Contact a Triton Hearing clinic today to find out more about FREE lifetime care.