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An overproduction of ear wax or a build up of debris in the ear canal can lead to a reduction in hearing or a feeling of dull hearing. Over time, the narrow, curved ear canal can become blocked with wax, skin or debris.


If you find your hearing becoming dull, it may be as a result of excess ear wax or other debris in the ear canal. Micro-suctioning is a safe and gentle way to clear the ear canal.

  • Gentle ear wax removal
  • Using olive oil

Gentle ear wax removal

Triton Hearing has a nationwide team of registered nurses providing ear health services. Triton Hearing's ear nurse specialists have completed specific training and work closely with our audiology professionals.

Triton Hearing uses the micro-suction technique for ear wax removal. This gentle procedure ensures a safe and effective result and enables the ear nurse to view the ear canal under a microscope, helping pick up any other ear health concerns during the process.

What is micro-suctioning? Your Ear Nurse will use a microscope to see into the ear canal and ear drum. A small tube attached to a suction device is placed in your ear canal and will remove wax and debris, this can feel tickly but is not uncomfortable. The appointment will take around 30 minutes and costs $50.

Please book your Ear Nurse appointment by calling your local clinic on 0800 45 45 43.

Using olive oil

  1. Warm the oil by putting the bottle into warm water for 2 minutes (it’s important to check the oil is at about body temperature to ensure you do not hurt your ear)
  2. Lie down with your ear uppermost and drop in 1-2 drops of oil into the hole of your ear
  3. Wait for 5 minutes, wipe any excess oil away and repeat with the other ear
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