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Hearing Aid Trial Agreement

Thank you for choosing a trial of demonstration devices. We hope you enjoy your first steps on your journey to better hearing.

“Phonak Trial” hearing aids are demonstration hearing aids that will continue to function for six weeks, after which time they will start beeping and then stop functioning. Because of this, “Phonak Trial” hearing aids have a replacement value of $495, compared to the fully-operational equivalent, which have a replacement value of $9,612.22.
By completing the agreement form below, you acknowledge that it is your personal responsibility to insure the “Phonak Trial” hearing aids at full replacement cost ($495) under the provisions of your own home and contents insurance policy.

Before, or at the end of, the demonstration period (six weeks) the hearing aids must be returned to Triton Hearing. They can either be dropped in to your local Triton clinic, or couriered using the return courier bag (instructions enclosed) to:
Phonak Trial Hearing Aid Returns
Triton Hearing
6-8 Omega Street
Auckland 0632.

Please note that liability for the “Phonak Trial” hearing aids will rest with you during the demonstration period. You hereby agree to accept personal responsibility to ensure the aids are kept safe and free from damage or harm from the time you receive them to the time they are returned to us. If there is any damage or loss you will need to claim for this against your own insurance.
We have scheduled a virtual telephone appointment to occur towards the end of your six-week demonstration period. If you have applied to ACC we can move this appointment earlier once you receive a claim outcome from them: please phone us on 0800 515 515 to arrange.

The virtual telephone appointment is a discussion with an audiologist to discuss the various styles and features of hearing aids, as well as the different prices. Our team will then recommend the most suitable options for your individual requirements, and provide you with a quote prior to any order being place. The model you decide to continue with may be different from the hearing aids you are currently testing.

By completing this agreement form, you agree in full to the terms and conditions of the trial.

Make / Model of device(s):

Phonak Marvel Trial Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Full replacement cost: