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The high cost of untreated hearing loss; providing quality Audiological care

The high cost of untreated hearing loss; providing quality Audiological care

Dispelling the myths and misconceptions expressed recently by some media commentators about the NZ Audiology industry.

Recently there has been some media commentary challenging the Audiology industry about what we do and how we do it. We hope that the following information addresses these misconceptions for you.
At Triton Hearing, providing quality client care is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe that all New Zealanders should have easy access to better hearing. We know that hearing aids play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for those with hearing loss.
Triton Hearing was the first Audiology company in New Zealand to publish its prices online and we continue to provide innovative hearing care and affordable solutions backed by our Better Hearing Guarantee, which is our commitment our customers to always provide free hearing checks, top-quality service, products and genuine advice on the best hearing solutions for their individual needs, backed by free care and support for the life of their hearing aids.

“Triton service is superb. Right through from first your hearing test to selecting the best hearing aid to suit your individual needs. After care service is also top notch with everything from changing the filters to helping with anything that you might need. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” – Triton Hearing client 23/08/2023
Triton Hearing takes pride in its commitment to upholding clinical standards that prioritise patient well-being and professional integrity. In New Zealand, Audiologists typically hold a Master's degree in Audiology and are registered with governing bodies such as the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS).
The Ministry of Health legislation and other relevant governmental bodies such as Veterans Affairs and ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) have recognised NZAS membership as the pinnacle of audiology practice. All Triton Hearing clinical staff who prescribe and fit hearing aids, or who access hearing aid funding for our customers, are full members, or are supervised by full members of NZAS. These Audiologists play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss and maintaining high clinical standards is key to providing competent and compassionate hearing care.

"The expertise and knowledge provided by their audiologists is unparalleled. I was thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness of the hearing evaluation process. The Audiologist took the time to explain the results in a clear and understandable manner ensuring that I was fully informed about the extent of my hearing loss and the treatment options available. Throughout the entire process Triton Hearing’s team provided genuine compassion and patience.” –  Triton Hearing client 16/08/2023
The safe and comfortable fit of hearing aids is an important part of the fitting process, and many customers elect to have customised ear moulds, to assist with comfort once they become an everyday wearer.
We received a specific query from media regarding the experiences of a 10-day trial client in August 2022. Dave* was scheduled for a free-of-charge 75-minute appointment with an Audiologist to ensure his hearing aids were correctly fitted and that he fully understood the 10-Day Trial terms and conditions. The Audiologist noted that he had limited sensation/dexterity so practiced the insertion and removal of devices with Dave* while he was in clinic.
Despite our team’s best efforts, Dave* reported that his hearing aids subsequently fell out, and unfortunately, he lost one of them. It is highly unusual for someone to lose their Hearing Aids in such a short period of time. When our Regional Manager learned of his concerns, she intervened to assist and all costs were waived, even though the terms of the 10-Day free trial were clearly stated in the agreement he signed.
Triton Hearing does not provide insurance for hearing aids. Instead, the client specifically agrees to “Accept liability for any damage or harm that comes to the device(s)” and to “Insure the devices at full replacement cost under the provisions of their own insurance cover for the duration of this trial” in the signed 10-day trial agreement.
We received a subsequent email from Dave* on the 20th of September 2022, confirming his satisfaction with our resolution, I regret having to defend my case, but I appreciate your understanding, and wish your company well. You have a super profile, and we have both learned from this issue.”
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