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In October 2015, Triton Hearing became the only New Zealand hearing company to be awarded the coveted ‘Consumer NZ trusted’ tick.

Consumer NZ is an independent, non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to getting New Zealanders a fairer deal. After more than 50 years’ of testing products, Con-sumer is now testing businesses as well.

The Consumer NZ Trusted Accreditation Programme is designed to deliver new standards of customer service and consumer confidence. The bar for companies to achieve ‘Consumer Trusted’ status is high.

“This sets a new benchmark for hearing care in New Zealand. We’ve demonstrated through this rigorous process that we consistently put our clients, and the best hearing solution for them, before anything else. Our advice is totally genuine and based on the individual needs of each person and their lifestyle.”
– James Whittaker, Managing Director, Triton Hearing

Triton Hearing is committed to ensuring, no matter what your budget, you can access high-quality hearing health care.

Our supportive team of hearing care professionals can access a range of hearing aids to enhance and improve our customers’ lives. Triton Hearing’s employment contracts specify our audiologists must prescribe the best suited hearing aid for each individual – irrespective of brand.

Free hearing tests and a free no obligation 10-day trial, make it as easy as possible for you to access top-quality service, products and genuine, honest advice on the best hearing solution for you. Book your free appointment today.

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