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Join the team delivering exceptional, ground-breaking virtual audiology services at Triton Hearing. We are the first Hearing Care provider in New Zealand to introduce Virtual Care to complement ‘in clinic’ services and the take-up has been enthusiastic.

Lesleigh Virtual Care Manager

Lesleigh Smith 
Virtual Care Manager

"It's nice to be able to help all the clinics – I just happen to not physically leave Auckland to do it.”

Job Description

Virtual Care is genuinely designed around the lives of our clients. Whether they’re house-bound, or time poor, isolated by distance or personal circumstances, we are now able to look after them in ways we never could before. We can consult with them at home or at work, and provide instant adjustments in any environment they’re struggling to hear. We’re using every available technology and our own creativity to develop and deliver an industry-leading service.

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Job Description

Triton Hearing offers exciting opportunities in our Virtual Care team.

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