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If your hearing loss is attributed to an accident, medical treatment, or is a result of workplace noise exposure, you may be eligible for fully funded hearing aids through the ACC claims process.

You may be eligible for hearing aids at no cost

Triton Hearing is an approved healthcare provider who’s passionate about giving you a better hearing experience. That means a wide range of our hearing aids are available to you at no cost if you are eligible for assistance through ACC.

At first glance, the process of making a hearing aid claim with ACC funding may seem complex. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll help you access a range of solutions so that your individual needs are met.

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What does ACC cover?

ACC funding is available for hearing solutions where 6% or more of your hearing loss is due to injury related causes, including:
  • Gradual onset hearing loss caused by noise at work
  • Hearing loss caused by an accident
  • Hearing loss caused by some medical treatments
ACC offers different levels of funding for hearing aids depending on the cause and extent of your hearing loss. The amount of funding provided by ACC will depend on how much of your hearing loss is due to injury. Triton Hearing can provide FULLY FUNDED hearing aids with all levels of ACC funding. 

If your claim is accepted, ACC provides financial support towards the purchase of hearing aids and audiologist appointments. Triton Hearing offers a wide range of hearing aids that are fully funded, and your hearing tests are free. ACC provides funding support once every six years.
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Do I qualify for ACC funding?

Hearing aids are a significant investment. But in many cases, there may be financial assistance available. If your hearing loss is the result of workplace noise exposure or an accident, you may be eligible for fully funded hearing aids from ACC. Funding is dependent on a number of factors including your health, any genetic conditions and your age. ACC will look at whether your hearing loss was a result of an injury, an accident of a combination of both.

Generally, ACC will provide funding support for injury-related hearing loss. If your hearing loss is health-related, you may be eligible for funding or subsidy assistance from the Ministry of Health. For more information on financial assistance for hearing aids, see Funding For Hearing Aids.

Not sure if you’re eligible for ACC funding for hearing aids? Talk to a Triton Hearing expert today.

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Your 3 simple steps to fully funded hearing aids

Every day, we help customers navigate the ACC claims process. Whether it’s filling out forms, making appointments or just advising you on what will happen next, we’re happy to help.
We’ll guide you through each step of the ACC hearing aid funding process. There is no longer the requirement to visit your GP.

Making a claim with ACC for hearing loss:
  1. Get your FREE hearing test with Triton Hearing - This appointment will contain a hearing check or assessment, and discussion around your Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims information. Your audiologist will fill in the required paperwork and submit this on your behalf. You can book your free appointment by calling us on 0800 45 45 58 or filling in the form here.
  2. Specialist appointment - After your hearing assessment at Triton Hearing, ACC will then write to you to advise you which Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist they have referred you to. ACC will forward Triton Hearing’s hearing assessment results to the ENT before your appointment. The ENT will discuss your employment, family history and ear health to diagnose the cause of your hearing loss and then send their report to ACC.
  3. Hearing aid fitting - Once confirmation of your hearing aid funding has been made, ACC will advise you via a confirmation letter. You will need to contact Triton Hearing on 0800 45 45 58 or filling in the form here for an appointment to decide which hearing aids will best suit your hearing needs. Following this appointment a hearing aid fitting appointment will be made. Triton Hearing provide fully funded hearing aids for all levels of ACC Funding approval. 

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ACC funding for children

Subsidies are available for children under the age of 18 through the ACC claims process. The ACC contribution can include assistance towards the cost of hearing aids (up to three times every six years), fitting fees, hearing assessments and repairs and maintenance as required. Talk to your Triton Hearing Audiologist for further information on funding for children’s hearing aids.

What if I am not eligible for ACC funded hearing aids?

If ACC declines your claim, you may be eligible for other forms of Government funding. Please contact your local Triton Hearing Care Specialist on 0800 45 45 43 for advice and more information.

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Other funding and subsidies for hearing aids

Most New Zealanders are eligible for a Ministry of Health subsidy of up to $1,022 every six years ($511 per ear). In selected circumstances fully-funded hearing aids are available through the Ministry of Health. Ministry of Health subsidies are not available if you are receiving ACC funding.

If your hearing loss is related to active service in the New Zealand Defence Force you may qualify for help from Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand. This is only available if you are not eligible for Ministry of Health or ACC support.

Health Insurance
Your hearing loss solution may be covered by your private health insurance policy. At Triton Hearing we have a specialist team experienced in working with all major insurance companies.

To find out if you are eligible for any of these hearing aid funding options, contact Triton Hearing today on 0800 45 45 43 or book an appointment to see your local Triton Hearing audiologist.

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