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There are a lot of misconceptions around hearing devices. How expensive they are. How ugly they are. How old they are. Triton Hearing have been quietly working away to break down the barriers and make hearing devices accessible for everyone. We even offer subscriptions and remote services. All you need to do is give it a go!

How much are hearing aids?

how much are hearing aids

The price of hearing aids varies depending on the model and level of technology. At Triton Hearing, we understand that hearing aids can be a significant investment. Our prices start at $495* or $1 a day*.

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Myth: Aren’t hearing devices old tech?

the great big hearing check 2022 for nz hearing awareness month

Myth: Aren’t Hearing devices are old tech? With speech recognition, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectivity, our range of hearing devices can do it all. Ask our audiologists to learn the latest and start your free trial.

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Gift of Better Hearing

Hearing aid promotional offer better price

We’d like to give you the Gift of Better Hearing, to help you reconnect with the world and the people you love. Simply get in touch to enjoy your gift of a complimentary upgrade valued at $2,000 on our Premium range devices.

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"The high cost of untreated hearing loss; providing quality audiological care"

how much are hearing aids

Dispelling the myths and misconceptions expressed recently by some media commentators about the NZ Audiology industry.

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Where is my closest hearing clinic?

Our team of trained audiologists are committed to helping you reconnect with the world you love. From Kerikeri to Palmerston North, Masterton to Christchurch, Auckland to Invercargill, we have an extensive nationwide clinic network.

Get in touch with your local clinic to see an audiologist near you, and let us get you back to better hearing today.

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Where is an audiologist near me?

What causes hearing loss?

Are you struggling with your hearing? You are not alone. Approximately 1 in 6 New Zealanders experience hearing loss. It usually develops gradually, as we get older and these changes are almost unnoticeable.

Most people with hearing loss benefit from treatment with a hearing aid. We provide free hearing checks for anyone aged 18 and older with one of our trained audiologists who will help you understand if you could benefit from wearing a hearing aid and get you on the right track!

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What causes hearing loss?

It's Hearing Care from your Happy Place!

We’ve opened up a new world of flexible one-to-one appointments with an Audiologist, be it for a consultation or an adjustment of your hearing devices from home or work. You can do it all from the comfort of your Happy Place at a time that suits you, thanks to Virtual Hearing Care.

It is like video calling your friends and family via your smartphone but with an audiologist instead. The key to Virtual Hearing Care is our easy-to-use smartphone app.

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virtual care hearing aids fitted at home

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Getting in touch is the first step towards better hearing. Our hearing checks are free for anyone aged 18 and older.

Please share your contact details or call 0800 45 45 43 between 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday to book an appointment.
*See our Consumer Policies for more information. Prices include the Government subsidy of $1,022.22 applied.
+We'll match any competitor's advertised or quoted price with Phonak equivalent technology. For full terms and conditions, see our Consumer Policies page for more.