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In the Triton Hearing online shop, you will find a range of quality hearing aid products.

A Triton Hearing we aim to provide the best possible service and advice with a range of hearing solutions accessible for all New Zealanders, backed by our exclusive Better Hearing Guarantee. Check our our latest offers!

$495 Paradise upgrade special

Promotional Period: August 2021 - October 31st 2021
So clients can have the opportunity to experience the best in hearing technology, for a limited time we shall refund the cost of your $495 hearing devices as well as the government subsidy of $1,022 when you choose to upgrade your current Accessible hearing devices to a new pair from the Essential Plus range or above.

Phonak Paradise hearing aids

Paradise Upgrade valued at $1,517  

  • Purchase a pair of Paradise EssentialPlus devices through offer and pay $2795
  • Purchase a pair of Paradise PremiumOne through offer and pay $4495
  • Purchase a pair of Paradise PremiumPlus through offer and pay $6495
  • Purchase a pair of Paradise PremiumPro through offer and pay $8495

Where Paradise is not available:
  • Purchase Marvel a pair of EssentialPlus through offer and pay $1995
  • Purchase Marvel a pair of PremiumOne through offer and pay $3695
  • Purchase Marvel a pair of PremiumPlus through offer and pay $5695
  • Purchase Marvel a pair of PremiumPro through offer and pay $7695

$495 hearing aid upgrade

Free technology upgrade

So clients can experience all the joys of the latest hearing technology, we are delighted to offer a FREE TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE on the purchase of new Marvel or Paradise devices before the 31st of October2021.

Phonak Paradise hearing aids

Complimentary Technology Upgrade valued up to $2,000 per pair of devices purchased, depending on technology level chosen. 

  • Purchase Marvel or Paradise PremiumPlus, receive a complimentary upgrade to PremiumPro, valued at $2,000 pair -
  • Purchase Marvel or Paradise PremiumOne, receive a complimentary upgrade to PremiumPlus, valued at $2,000 pair.
  • Purchase Marvel or Paradise EssentialPlus devices, receive a complimentary upgrade to PremiumOne, valued at $1,700 pair.
  • Purchase Marvel Essential devices, receive a complimentary upgrade to EssentialPlus, valued at $500 pair.

Free hearing aid upgrade

Pay As You Hear subscription

pay as you hear hearing aids

Triton Hearing is making it easy and affordable for you to enjoy better hearing on a simple, monthly subscription.  We call this Pay As You Hear, and it’s a bit of a breakthrough!

There are four Pay As You Hear technology tiers available:

  • Essential, for $1 a day
  • Connected, for $3 a day
  • Premium, for $5 a day 
  • Invisible, for $6.55 a day

Pay As You Hear hearing aid subscription

Order your 2021 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids today!

Consumers Guide to Hearing Aids

This comprehensive guide is researched, written and produced by an independent third party and that makes it the only truly independent Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids in New Zealand. 

  • Details of more than 350 new hearing aids
  • Explains hearing aid technology and compares the differences
  • Hearing aid shell styles
  • Invisible hearing aid comparisons
  • Compares mobile apps for hearing aids
  • A must-read before you buy your next pair of hearing aid

order your hearing aid consumer guide

Better Hearing Guarantee. From only $495*

One in six New Zealanders experience hearing loss at some time. At Triton Hearing we are passionate about giving you a better hearing experience and committed to keeping you connected with the people and the life you love. That's why we offer a pair of hearing aids starting at just $495, including government subsidy. Every time you walk into one of our clinics or talk to our people, you can relax knowing you are in expert, caring hands backed up by our Better Hearing Guarantee.

Free hearing tests and a free no obligation 10-day trial, make it as easy as possible for you to access top-quality service, products and genuine, honest advice on the best hearing solution for you. 

*For full terms and conditions please see our Consumer Policies.
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