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Connecting Rural Communities

A new remote hearing healthcare service has seen rapid take-up around New Zealand, as local communities take advantage of the convenience and responsiveness of the new technology.

Triton Hearing introduced its Virtual Hearing Care Services during the nationwide Level 4 lockdown, building on the organisation’s TeleAudiology initiative that was introduced in 2017. The new service allows clients to access a range of expert hearing health services, advice and support without needing to visit a clinic.

Head of Audiology and Innovation, Craig Lett says Triton Hearing has been working towards the innovation for the past 3 years.

“This is amazing technology, which allows our expert team to connect with people via an app on their mobile no matter where they are across New Zealand,” Craig says. “We are excited about the impact that this new innovation can have. It’s exactly what is needed right now.”

New Zealand is uniquely placed to lead the world in virtual hearing aid services, with high technology uptake across the population and a history of embracing new ideas.
“During the lockdown, the service was a vital way to safely connect to those in need, as hearing loss can compound an already isolating situation,” James Whittaker, Managing Director Triton Hearing, says.

“However, as restrictions have lifted in New Zealand, we’ve found that many communities – especially those in rural areas, have really embraced what the new service offers.”

“For farmers in particular, this new innovation has been a very important step. We know it can be hard to get off the farm at any time – especially right in the middle of lambing and calving, so having a service you can access remotely can make a real difference.”

James says with a relatively high incidence of workplace-related hearing loss in the agricultural sector, Triton’s remote services will be extremely helpful to a large number of people in the industry.
“As many in the sector come up on the 6-year replacement of their ACC-funded hearing aids, this new service will provide a fast and convenient way to upgrade to the latest hearing technology.”
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