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Our mission is to be the hearing care provider of choice in New Zealand. To do that means we have to be the best at everything we do. At Triton Hearing we believe in choice, and offer a great balance between client outcomes and client service. Our commitment to providing hearing advice, solutions and care extends to those less fortunate and through our Triton Hearing “Give Back” programme, our clinic teams have the joy and privilege to help people within their communities who are not able to afford hearing aids.

Monique Howey - Graduate Audiologist

"The Triton Hearing graduate programme has really helped me to advance my skills and career, and now I feel confident to stand on my own two feet.”

Job Description

Triton Hearing offers an exciting opportunity for Audiology Graduates to get a full grounding through a broad-based development programme. The programme has been developed to not only give you the skills and experience to become a highly competent audiologist, but it also develops your approach to customers in line with Triton Hearing’s core principle of service excellence. If you are interested in a graduate career with Triton Hearing, fill out the form or email us at

New Zealand's most trusted hearing experts

In October 2015, Triton Hearing became the only New Zealand hearing company to be awarded the coveted ‘Consumer NZ trusted’ tick.
Consumer NZ is an independent, non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to getting New Zealanders a fairer deal. We are immensely proud to be New Zealand’s only Consumer Trusted hearing care provider and our organisation is considered by Consumer Organisation to be the benchmark for quality, service and transparency in the hearing industry.

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