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Our mission is to be the hearing care provider of choice in New Zealand. To do that means we have to be the best at everything we do. At Triton Hearing we believe in choice, and offer a great balance between client outcomes and client service. Our commitment to providing hearing advice, solutions and care extends to those less fortunate and through our Triton Hearing “Give Back” programme, our clinic teams have the joy and privilege to help people within their communities who are not able to afford hearing aids.

Jael Repia 
Team Leader for Call Service Centre

"Working for Triton Hearing allows you to be part of a team where you feel supported and valued. This for me is what's truly important and rewarding."

Job Description

Our Support Staff roles include Customer Service Representatives who work out of our clinics, Customer Service Professionals who operate from our call centre in Auckland and Hearing Healthcare Professionals who conduct the first steps in a hearing assessment. We also have two Support Offices based in Auckland and Christchurch with full Human Resources, Marketing, Finance & Operations teams.
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