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Modern hearing aids can do much more than just help with your hearing. Today, solutions are small, discreet and tailor-made to suit your lifestyle; some hearing solutions are even partially or entirely invisible when worn. They're packed with the latest, innovative technology and include various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, improved performance and rechargeable batteries.

The evolution of the hearing aid

Have you ever looked at a hearing aid and wondered, "how can something this small improve my hearing?". It hasn't always been this way—the journey of hearing aids dates back hundreds of years. Since the 17th century, people have been dedicated to finding the very best hearing solutions. 
Modern hearing aids are tiny, high-performance computers. Thanks to sophisticated software and the latest, innovative technology, hearing devices can considerably improve our ability to hear and, therefore, our quality of life. However, it hasn't always been that way. 
1634 - The ear trumpet (a funnel-shaped device which collects sound waves and leads them into the ear) was invented and is considered the first device used to help hearing impairment. 
1898 - Miller Rees Hutchinson invented the Akouphone, the first portable hearing aid using a carbon transmitter. 
1920 - Earl Hanson patented the first vacuum-tube hearing aid named the Vactuphone. This device used the telephone transmitter to convert speech into electrical signals. 
1948 - the Transistor Hearing Aid quickly replaced vacuum tubes. They required less battery power and, most importantly, were smaller!
1970s - the microprocessor sped up the journey towards the miniaturisation of hearing aids.
1980s - the first all-digital, real-time, array processing hearing aid was developed at the City University of New York
1987 - Nicolet Corporation brought the first commercial digital hearing aid to market. The race to develop viable digital hearing aids had begun.
2000 - Modern hearing aids are tiny, high-performance computers.
2019 - Triton Hearing launched Triton Lyric, the world's first 100% invisible when worn hearing device. Lyric is also the first hearing solution suitable to be worn for months at a time. 
2022 - hearing devices today are now invisible to the naked eye, completely sweat-proof, shower-proof and life resistant. Bluetooth compatibility keeps us connected on the go; their ability to connect wirelessly to other devices, such as mobile phones or TVs, is nothing short of revolutionary. 
Visit 'How Hearing Aids Work' for more information on how hearing aids have developed in recent years.

Benefits of hearing aids

There are many different benefits to wearing hearing aids:
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased activity levels
  • Slower cognitive decline
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater independence
  • Reduced symptoms of tinnitus
Hearing aids can dramatically improve your quality of life and reconnect you with your loved ones. Take the first step towards better hearing today and give our Hearing Care Specialists a call on 0800 45 45 43.

Hearing loss in New Zealand

If you find yourself living with hearing loss, you're not alone. 
  • 1 in 6 New Zealanders are affected by hearing loss.
  • 3 in 5 people over the age of 60 are affected by hearing loss. 
  • It takes Kiwis living with hearing loss between 5 and 7 years before seeking support. 
  • The estimated annual financial cost of hearing loss in New Zealand is $4.9 billion. 
The good news is hearing loss is preventable. Prevention is key to decreasing the chances of hearing loss later in life; research has proven that hearing loss is one of the world's most preventable impairments. Visit 'Hearing loss prevention' for in-depth information and tips on how to decrease the chances of hearing loss later in life.
The world is a noisy place. If you believe that you are living with hearing loss, treatment options are available. You don't have to go through this alone. Our online hearing test is free, quick and easy so that you can assess your hearing health and begin the journey to better hearing today.

The future of hearing aids

The potential future of hearing aids is almost limitless. Many years ago, the world of audiology looked very different than it does today. The introduction of Virtual Care, TeleAudiology, cochlea implants, Lyric and Phonak Life means that having a hearing impairment no longer has to impact your quality of life negatively. 
As research and technology continue to involve, the future may include:
  • Devices powered by the human body
  • Cochlea regeneration by regrowing hair cells within the ear
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