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In the Triton Hearing online shop, you will find a range of quality hearing aid products.

We want to make your journey to Better Hearing as easy and enjoyable as possible. So we provide Lifetime Free Care with your new hearing aids from Triton Hearing – it’s part of our Better Hearing Guarantee.

What’s included? Everything helpful.

First and most important we keep in touch regularly to make sure you are happy and everything’s working for you.

Free adjustments

When you first get new hearing aids, there may be some fine-tuning needed for you to get the most out of them - everyone’s slightly different. Lifetime Free Care includes regular free check-ins from a Triton Audiologist to make sure they’re adjusted properly and working at their best for you. With new technology, we can usually do this over the phone!

lifetime free care and better hearing guarantee

Free hearing reviews

Hearing needs can change, so from time-to-time it’s a good idea to pop into the clinic for a full hearing review. These regular reviews are part of our Lifetime Free Care service.  We will contact you when it’s time to do this.

Free on-site repairs

Lifetime Free Care also means you don’t have to worry about servicing. If your device ever needs in-clinic repair work done, this will be completed quickly at no cost to you. Off-site repairs may require an additional charge.

Free clean and checks

Hearing aids are precision devices and do need to be kept clean and looked after. Every 4-6 months the tubes, filters and domes should be changed, and that can be a bit fiddly to do yourself. So let us do it! Your local Triton Hearing clinic offers a FREE clean and check service.

Only Triton offers Lifetime Free Care. To find out more about it, and our exclusive Better Hearing Guarantee, please get in touch.  If you're over 18, contact your nearest Triton Hearing clinic today, or call on 0800 45 45 43 for a free hearing check. We look forward to meeting you and giving you a better hearing experience.

Free hearing test

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