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Welcome to better hearing. Hearing aids have changed dramatically and today's digital hearing aids are miniature computers that perform in varied and demanding situations. Where does your journey start? Hearing aids come in a range of prices so there’s something for every budget.

Why don’t more people wear hearing aids?

Modern hearing aids are virtually invisible in the ear. They are miniature technological marvels, water and dust repellent, and can be connected wirelessly with a range of other electronic devices. Despite this, many people with hearing difficulties are still reluctant to wear a hearing aid. Why is that so? There are many reasons.
Some people don’t want to accept the fact that they have poor hearing, and a large proportion don’t even realize it. Since reduced hearing comes on slowly and almost imperceptibly, it’s not always easy to recognize. Many of those affected initially think that other people are mumbling. They set their TV volume a little louder. Sometimes they miss the phone ringing, but none of this seems a real problem.
The signs of hearing loss gradually increase. If you notice any signs of hearing difficulty in yourself or your partner, you should act quickly, as this offers the best chance of hearing well.
Many people think that you’re only affected by hearing loss as you get older. And of course, nobody wants to feel or look old. The risk of reduced hearing increases from the age of 40, and many people notice the first signs of hearing problems only when they reach this age. So it’s nothing to do with old age.

What are the most common misonceptions about hearing aids?

Just a few years ago, hearing aids were clumsy, hook-shaped devices that were jammed behind the ear and were limited in the ways that they could offer an improvement to a person’s hearing.

Today's devices are powerful and ultra discreet or even 100% invisible and can be personalised to your hearing loss and lifestyle needs. 
Some also believe that by using a hearing aid, they’re ‘spoiling’ their sense of hearing, and their hearing will become dependent on technical support.

However, the opposite is true - hearing does not regenerate itself. Once hearing has been damaged, it is almost impossible to reverse. A hearing aid is often the only solution. While the individual is not cured, the technology means that they will find it far easier to live with hearing loss.

Do I need any special hearing aid accessories?

Ask your audiologist about useful accessories. Additional devices are available that can further enhance speech comprehension while watching TV, making phone calls, or in larger groups of people. The technology and performance vary between hearing aids, depending on the manufacturer, model, and price. As a rule of thumb, the more specific the information you give your audiologist about your everyday hearing needs, the more effectively they can advise you on choosing the right hearing aid accessories.

Hearing aids do far more than merely amplify the volume of sound. They automatically detect various listening situations and adapt accordingly. This means that customers are once again able to enjoy evenings with friends and family.

Many modern hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This allows them to transfer signals from cellphones or audio devices directly to the hearing aid, and in turn, into the ear. The advantage of this is that you will be able to hear clearly on the phone, and enjoy music without distortion from your surroundings.

With additional hearing systems, the use of hearing aids can be expanded even further. During speeches and performances, at the movies or the theater, sound signals can be transmitted directly to the hearing aid. This is the most effective way to eliminate disruptive background noises that always occur when there are a lot of people around. Modern hearing aids are long lasting and reliable. Experience has shown that hearing aids allow clients with hearing loss to hear and understand speech significantly better.

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