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Online hearing test

Test your hearing, online.

Test your hearing from home

With our free online hearing test, you can check your hearing from home in just a few minutes. This screening gives you an initial assessment of your hearing and will provide early indicators of any possible hearing loss and if you require a full assessment with an Audiologist.

The online hearing screening is simple – just follow the step-by-step instructions. Ideally, the screening should be carried out in quiet surroundings. All you need is a pair of headphones or a quiet room.

Test your hearing
online hearing test

How good is your hearing?

Hearing loss is a normal fact of life, in fact over 800,000 New Zealanders have difficulty hearing, but it can sneak up on you – so you may not even realise that you do!  It's super easy and it's free.

Make this the year you treat your ears to the Great Big Hearing Check 2021!

It’s also a great way to give a friend or loved one a “quiet nudge” about their hearing loss.

Take the test
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