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Subscription Policies

‘Pay as You Hear’ is a revolutionary hearing aid and accessory subscription service by Triton Hearing, providing the use of hearing technology, extensive care and support, plus access to new devices every three years; all on an easy monthly payment that you can cancel at any time.

  • 1. What we provide
    • a. We will provide you with Phonak hearing device/s (“device/s”) in accordance with your selected technology level or Phonak accessories or Phonak ActiveVent receivers.
    • b. We will also provide maintenance, care and support for your devices. This includes:
      • i. hearing tests and adjustments/fine tuning of your device/s, as required;
      • ii. service of your device/s including cleaning and receiver replacements; and
      • iii. batteries and consumables including moisture kits and tablets, domes, receivers, tubes, and wax filters, in accordance with fair use expectations
      • iv. upgrade to the latest hearing aid(s) at equivalent technology level for your subscription, after 3 years from date of first fitting
      • v. non-rechargeable batteries will be provided as an annual supply (2 boxes of 10 cards per device per year for size 10 batteries, otherwise 1 box per device per year).
    • c. Phonak accessories will be upgraded to the latest equivalent technology level to maintain compatibility with your hearing aid(s).
    • d. Phonak ActiveVent receivers will be replaced as needed due to wax and moisture damage, up to 4 times per year.
  •  2. Payment
    • a. Your subscription period will commence on your initial fitting date. We will provide the device/s to you on the initial fitting date for a free trial period of 30 days. The trial period end date is the date that is 30 days after the initial fitting of your device/s (see page 1). There is no obligation to continue the subscription after the trial period end date. If you do not wish to proceed with the subscription, you must return the device/s to us in fair and reasonable condition on or before the trial period end date, along with all other products provided. We will not charge you any subscription fees for device/s returned on or before the trial period end date. If the device/s are not returned before the end of the trial period you will be deemed to have agreed to continue with the subscription.
    • b. The subscription fee will be charged monthly in advance. Your first payment will be automatically deducted from your preferred payment method the day after the trial period end date. We will continue to automatically charge you every month after that until you cancel your subscription in accordance with clause 3.
    • c. We will not increase the subscription price for 36 months from the initial fitting date. We reserve the right to change the subscription price after this period.
    • d. We will provide you with one months’ written notice of any price increases or changes to these subscription terms.
  • 3. Cancellation
    • a. You can cancel your subscription at any time by returning the device/s to us at a Triton Hearing clinic. Any payment (part or full) made in respect of any period after the cancellation date will be refunded provided the devices are returned in the required condition as defined in clause 5.e.
    • b. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription if we cannot charge your preferred payment method. You must return the device/s to us within 10 days of cancellation.
  • 4. Using government subsidies
    • a. If eligible, you may use government subsidies to contribute to your subscription costs. Triton Hearing will process these subsidies on your behalf, only once the 30-day trial finishes  and the subscription is active. Triton Hearing will complete all applicable paperwork that is required by ACC or the Ministry of Health, including obtaining your signed consent on an ACC 611 finalisation form (if claiming ACC).
    • b. If you cancel the subscription within 60 days of fitting, any claimed subsidies will be repaid to ACC or the Ministry of Health.
    • c. If you cancel the subscription after the 60-day period, any claimed subsidies will not be repaid to ACC or the Ministry of Health and are unable to be re-used. Subsidies for each hearing aid are available no more than once every six years.
  • 5. Ownership and liability
    • a. You must not offer or sell the devices to any third parties. Any follow up appointments, repairs or maintenance in relation to the device/s must be completed at a Triton Hearing clinic.
    • b. You are responsible for the safe custody and care of the device/s and any other related products and accessories. You are also responsible for ensuring the device/s are covered by your insurance policy. You will be liable for the costs of any repair or replacement of your device/s required as a result of loss of the device/s or damage that is not fair wear and tear or an inherent defect. The charge for replacement device/s will be the loss/damage fee set out in clause 5.f.
    • c. If you return all products to us at a Triton Hearing clinic within 60 days of the initial fitting date you will receive a full refund of any subscription money paid. If you cancel 60 days after fitting, we will provide a refund of any subscription monies paid in advance in the current month, as at the date the device/s are returned.
    • d. All refunds will be processed within 14 working days of the device/s being returned to us in the required condition.
    • e. Device/s must be returned in fair and reasonable condition, which is defined as a product that is in working order and that has not suffered any damage other than fair wear and tear or an inherent defect, as reasonably determined by a Triton Hearing clinician.
    • f. If you do not return the device/s to Triton Hearing in fair and reasonable condition as defined in clause 5.e or do not return the device/s within the timeframe set out in clause 3.b, we reserve the right to charge you a loss/damage fee. The loss/ damage fee at the commencement of the subscription period (and at the time of any upgrade under clause 1.b) will be a sum equivalent to the retail price of the device/s, and will reduce by 1.4% for each month of the subscription period. By way of example, after 10 months, the loss/damage fee will be 86% of the retail price.
  • 6. Feedback and Complaints
    • At Triton Hearing, we aim to provide excellent customer service. However, we acknowledge that in some cases your expectations may have not been met, so we also aim to resolve any problems and complaints quickly and effectively.
    • To give us feedback, please get in touch in one of the following ways:
    • If you feel your concerns have still not been adequately addressed, you can get in touch with the Health and Disability Commission to discuss your concerns: