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In the Triton Hearing online shop, you will find a range of quality hearing aid products.

At Triton Hearing we are always at the forefront of innovation in hearing care service in New Zealand and we are delighted to bring you hearing care in your home, with our new virtual hearing care service.

How do home services work?

Schedule a consultation with a hearing health professional

Receive professional hearing advice at home; choose between a voice or video remote appointment.

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The hearing aids are sent directly to your home.

We offer a free trial period to ensure that you are first completely satisfied with your new device.

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Download the MyPhonak app from Play or App Store

Using the MyPhonak app our hearing experts perform remote device fittings and adjustments.

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What to expect from a Virtual Consultation?

Remote Appointment
After a telephone conversation with a hearing expert to confirm your order, the hearing aids will be delivered directly to your home, free-of-charge. Once received and fitted your trial period will commence.

Our hearing care professionals will perform a virtual, hearing aid fitting in your home, with follow up appointments to ensure the device is correctly adjusted. Ongoing checkups can also be performed without the need to visit us in clinic. 

All of our devices are covered by Triton's exclusive Better Hearing Guarantee.

Which hearing devices are suited for a virtual appointment?

Home services are currently available for connected Phonak MARVEL or PARADISE devices.
  • Clear, rich sound
  • Connects to smartphones, TV and more
  • Rechargeable technology
  • Remote hearing solutions
A Triton Hearing Care Professional will programme the device remotely so you do not need to attend the clinic. The device is then delivered directly to your home.
Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid

What is the myPhonak app?