What's in a name?

The mobile clinic has two names – “Penelope”, named after Lady Penelope from the 1970s show The Thunderbirds, and “Te Waka Āwhina”, which in English can be interpreted as ‘the canoe of support’. Reverend Albie Martin used this phrase when referring to Penelope at the Triton Hearing Taranaki Tour launch at Owae Marae, Taranaki.
Mobile TeleAudiology Clinic

Why a mobile clinic?

Although Triton Hearing has 70 locations across the country, we recognise that for some people who live in remote locations, access to audiology services can be difficult.  As well as visiting Maraes Penelope has been used for a range of purposes; Innovation Days where we demonstrate the latest hearing technology, Community Days and a range of local and national events around the country.  Penelope is unique and brings joy wherever she goes.

What makes Penelope special?

From simple screening tests through to full hearing diagnostics and hearing aid fittings, all services can be provided by an on-site audiologist or via teleaudiology. This reduces the need for people to travel long distances to get the hearing health support they need. There is also room for a family member to attend the appointment for support.

On the road again

In 2021 Penelope will be back on the road visiting many towns and cities across the country.  Dates will be released soon.
“One of the Triton Hearing pillars is accessibility and I want to make sure we have something that can genuinely go into communities where people have limited options to do something about their hearing and overcome the stigma of hearing loss.”
Triton Hearing Managing Director, James Whittaker
Penelope the teleaudiology bus taking free hearing tests
mobile teleaudiology clinic giving free hearing tests