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At Triton Hearing we’ve become the first company in the world to offer Triton TeleAudiology in a Mobile Hearing Clinic – an innovation that connects audiologists with clients around New Zealand using a high-definition teleconferencing system.

The canoe of support

One of the ways Triton Hearing uses this technology to assist clients around the country is through Te Waka Āwhina or Penelope, a striking 1949 Bedford Bus-turned-Mobile Hearing Clinic, who’s been stationed at various expos in rural areas around the country performing Triton TeleAudiology.

Te Waka Āwhina can be interpreted in English as ‘the canoe of support’. Reverend Albie Martin used this phrase when referring to Penelope at Tri-ton Hearing’s Taranaki Tour launch at Owae Marae, Taranaki.

Sharing the Gift of Better Hearing

Te Waka Āwhina is fitted out with state-of-the-art diagnostic hearing equipment and operates as a full service Triton TeleAudiology clinic. This has allowed Triton Hearing to be able to provide another world first - assess and fit clients with hearing aids remotely, in the same day. 

Since 2017 she’s been allowing Triton Hearing to give clients nationwide support with the following events: 
  • Innovation Days at Triton Hearing clinics with same-day hearing aid fittings.
  • Marae visits where Triton Hearing has been able to test and fit kaumatua / pahake in regional communities.
  • Community Days around New Zealand.
  • Various local and national events around New Zealand.
penelope mobile hearing clinic bus

“We proved to the world that we could do TeleAudiology. I wanted to take this a step further, I wanted to prove that we could do TeleAudiology in a mobile clinic and improve people’s lives.” 

“One of the (Triton Hearing) pillars is accessibility. And I want to make sure we have something that can actually, genuinely go into communities that are struggling to do something about their hearing loss and the stigma of hearing loss.” 

- Triton Hearing Head of Marketing, Lucy Rei 
With over 60 locations across the country, Triton Hearing recognised that seeing an audiologist was difficult for some New Zealanders.

Free hearing tests and a free no obligation 10-day trial, make it as easy as possible for you to access top-quality service, products and genuine, honest advice on the best hearing solution for you. Every time you walk into one of our clinics or talk to our people, you can relax knowing you are in expert, caring hands.

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