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Self Hearing Test

Answer the questionaire below by selecting the option most appropriate to you (yes / no) , then click the 'submit test' button at the bottom of this page.

Yes No
1. Do you have a buzzing noise in your head?
2. Do you find it difficult to have a conversation in a crowded room?
3. Do you find that people mumble when they speak?
4. Do you find having a conversation in a group very tiring?
5. Do you need to see someone's face to understand what they are saying to you?
6. Do you find it hard to tell where a sound is coming from?
7. Do you find it more difficult to have conversations with women and children?
8. Is it difficult having a conversation on the phone?
9. Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?
10. Do you sometimes fail to notice noises such as: the refrigerator turning on, a clock ticking, a tap dripping, an alarm going off, the phone ringing in another room?
11. Does your family complain that you turn the television up too loud?
12. Has someone close to you suggested you may have a hearing problem?
13. Do people complain that you speak too loudly?
14. Have you had a job in a noisy environment?
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