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Triton Hearing is an approved healthcare provider. As part of our Better Hearing Guarantee, we provide advice about the funding options and subsidies which may be available to make things easier to purchasing your hearing aids. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable and happy to help.

Ministry of Health Full Funding and Subsidy Schemes

Full funding:

If you are eligible for Veterans’ Affairs or ACC, you will not be eligible for this scheme. To be eligible for the Full Funding Scheme, you need to hold a current Community Services Card in addition to meeting a further criterion such as working at least 30 hours or more per week, a registered job seeker looking for paid employment, a full-time caregiver for a dependent person, qualifying volunteer work or studying full time. You may be eligible for the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme even if you do not currently hold a valid Community Services Card if you are deemed to have complex needs such as a sudden hearing loss, a significant hearing loss since childhood, or you have a dual disability such as severe visual impairment.

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Subsidy funding:

This is the most common form of funding for hearing aids as the only criteria required are that you are a New Zealand citizen or resident ordinarily residing in New Zealand and over the age of 16 years. Like the name suggests the subsidy scheme will only subsidise the total cost of your hearing aid purchase by $511.11 per ear, or $1022.22 for a pair of hearing aids. Your audiologist can apply for this on your behalf and will subtract the funding amount off your initial hearing aid quote. 

hearing aid funding options

ACC Fully Funded Hearing Aids

ACC funding is available for hearing solutions where 6 percent or more of your hearing loss is due to injury related causes, including:
  • Gradual onset hearing loss caused by noise at work
  • Hearing loss caused by an accident
  • Hearing loss caused by some medical treatments

ACC offers different levels of funding for Hearing Aids depending on the cause and extent of your hearing loss. 

Triton Hearing can provide FULLY FUNDED Hearing Aids with all levels of ACC approved funding. Our experienced hearing experts can also offer you a wider range of solutions and will work with you to make the best choice for your individual lifestyle and hearing needs, as well as your budget.

ACC hearing aid funding options

Veterans' Affairs

If you have ever served in the New Zealand Defence Force, particularly if you served before the 1st of April 1974. To be eligible for hearing aid funding through Veterans’ Affairs you need to have been deployed in a qualifying operational service. You can contact Veterans’ Affairs directly on 0800 483 8372 to see if your individual service qualifies. If you are eligible, your audiologist will conduct a formal needs assessment and recommend a hearing aid model and/or accessories to your Veteran Affairs’ case manager for approval.

Veterans' Affairs funding availability


Triton Hearing is a preferred provider and experienced in working with all major insurance companies.

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