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Don’t worry, accidents happen!

We know that losing or damaging a hearing device can have a serious impact on your daily life, which is why our expert team are here to help you through every step of your hearing health journey, even if you’ve lost or damaged your hearing aid!

Do I need insurance for my hearing aids?

One of the questions we are often asked is are hearing aids covered by insurance?
If you have contents insurance, it is likely that your hearing aids will be covered by your policy. However, due to the high value of your hearing devices, we recommend you speak with your insurance provider and have your devices specified on your contents policy. Then, if anything happens to your devices, you know you’re covered. 
If you are unsure if your contents insurance policy includes hearing aid cover, speak to your insurance provider to check.

What do I do if I’ve lost my hearing aid?

If you have lost or damaged your hearing aids (and you have insurance) we’re here to make sure you never miss a moment. You can rest easy knowing we’ll provide any necessary consultation services free of charge. All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Contact your insurance provider to start the claims process
Once you have spoken to your insurance provider and lodged a claim, they will give you a claim number. Please call your local Triton Hearing with these details as soon as you receive them! If you are unsure how to make a hearing aid insurance claim, please contact your local Triton clinic.

2. Lets us handle the rest
Once we’ve received the claim acceptance confirmation from your insurance provider, our Insurance Response Team will get in touch with you to organise your next steps. Our Insurance Response Team is on hand to help you through your journey to better hearing. We will give you personalised advice based on your circumstances and book you in for a free appointment to replace your devices. If you hearing aids are significantly damaged, instead of lost, we’ll assess the damage to determine whether they can be repaired instead of replaced.
3. Get fitted with your new hearing devices
We book your hearing aid fitting appointment during the process of insurance claim to ensure you can get to back to better hearing at the earliest
Do you need help right away? We’re proud to offer Virtual Care Services which allow us to promptly facilitate your hearing device replacement under your insurance claim and deliver the new hearing aids to your home address so you never miss a moment

Hearing aid insurance companies

Triton Hearing is proud to be one of the preferred audiology suppliers for New Zealand’s learning insurance company, IAG, as well as AA Insurance. That means they trust us with faster, more efficient and better hearing guarantee.

Our dedicated Insurance Response Team works closely with all insurance providers so that we can offer you personalised support throughout the claims process.

For any questions related to your hearing aid insurance claim, please contact our Insurance Response Team using the details below:
Free phone – 0800 000 163
Email –

What do I do if I have lost my hearing aid and don’t have insurance?

We have a range of payment options available. If your hearing aids aren’t covered by insurance, or you don’t have insurance, our team are here to discuss an option that suits your budget.

One option includes Pay As You Hear, a monthly hearing aid subscription service that starts from as little as $1 per day. 

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