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In the Triton Hearing online shop, you will find a range of quality hearing aid products.

At Triton Hearing, we're changing hearing for good. For the good of our community, we’ve been innovating and transforming hearing health. How hearing aids are perceived, how you get them, how you pay and of course how you feel!

Today, we have over 60 community-based clinics and 200 friendly staff who are making this happen and are more than happy to help. All you need to do, is give it a go.

Myth: Aren't hearing devices super expensive?

We believe everyone should have access to better hearing. It’s why we offer them from just $495* or $1 a day* as part of our Pay As You Hear subscription service. We also provide free hearing checks and free hearing aid trials. Whatever your budget, we’ll find a plan that fits.

Our New Zealand exclusive, Pay As You Hear subscription offers:

  • No lock-in contracts - No, really. If you decide you’re not happy with your hearing device, you can give it back at any time with no cancellation cost
  • No up-front costs - Just easy monthly payments
  • Free upgrades - Anew model every 3 years without a change to your subscription cost
  • FREE support - Free hearing checks and support whenever you need it
  • No hooks

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*Prices include Government subsidy
hearing aids aren't expensive

Myth: Aren't hearing aids are old technology?

You might be surprised to learn that many of our hearing devices feature speech recognition, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectivity. You can answer phone calls, stream music and videos, recharge them on the go, are Virtual Hearing Care ready, and so much more. Some are even waterproof** and can track your fitness by linking to the MyPhonak app. Ask our audiologists to learn the latest and start your free trial.

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Myth: Aren't hearing devices just for oldies?

1 in 6 New Zealanders have hearing loss to some degree, regardless of age. And we believe every one of them has a right to reclaim their hearing, young, old, or anywhere in between.

Our goal is to ensure that the 500,000 New Zealanders with hearing loss, that don’t wear hearing devices, take the first step towards Better Hearing and reconnect with they world they love.

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Better Hearing. Guaranteed.

better hearing guaranteed
At Triton Hearing we are passionate about giving you a better hearing experience and committed to keeping you connected with the people and the life you love with our Better Hearing Guarantee.

The Better Hearing Guarantee is our commitment to always provide:
  • Free hearing check & free hearing aid trial
  • Qualified hearing professionals who listen to your needs
  • Complete focus on finding the best solution for you
  • Lifetime Free Care for your hearing devices
  • A genuine Price-match Promise+
  • A Pay As You Hear subscription service
  • A no-strings, money back guarantee+
  • Three year, half-price upgrade+

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Virtual Hearing Care

We can now come to you via your phone because we have introduced Virtual Hearing Care. Flexible one-to-one appointments with an audiologist using your smartphone, be it for a consultation or the adjustment of your hearing devices – you can do it all from the comfort of your happy place at a time that suits you.

It is like video calling your friends and family via your smartphone but with an audiologist instead. The key to Virtual Hearing Care is our easy-to-use smartphone app. On one side, you can use the app to talk to with an audiologist. But on the other side, the audiologist can connect with your hearing devices via the app and adjust them right in that moment to help you hear better.

virtual hearing care

Leaders in innovation

hearing health and hearing aid innovations
We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the hearing industry. We became the first company in the world to offer TeleAudiology both in-clinic and in our Mobile Hearing Clinic – an innovation that connects audiologists with clients around New Zealand using a high-definition teleconferencing system.

We opened our Triton World of Hearing store in Auckland which was the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. With interactive hearing experiences, innovative hearing products and services, we focus on the best in hearing solutions with the most high-end devices on the market. It is an audiology experience like no other. We have now expanded beyond Auckland and have five stores across the country. 

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Are you ready to take the next step? Don't worry, it's easy.

Give it a Go!

To speak with our Hearing Care Specialists at your local clinic or to book a free hearing check* with one of our audiologists, please share your details in the form on this page or call 0800 45 45 43 between 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
*Free for ages 18 and older.

Getting in touch is the first step towards better hearing. Visit our clinics to discover the latest innovations in hearing technology, discuss noise-induced hearing loss solutions and receive expert advice from our team on a range of hearing challenges.

Our audiologists will work with you through your journey back to better hearing; whether they recommend the best hearing aids for your lifestyle or tailor a hearing health solution for your needs, they will ensure you are comfortable and informed.
*Including the Government hearing aid subsidy
**Waterproof up to 50cm
+See our Consumer Policies for more