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If you are experiencing hearing loss, it is important to get advice from a specialist you can trust. A good audiologist will offer you advice, assess your hearing, recommend a hearing aid, and adjust it to your personal requirements. This page offers valuable information on hearing issues, what you can expect on a first visit, what kind of help is available, and how the professionals are trained.

Your specialists at Triton Hearing

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In each Triton Hearing clinic throughout New Zealand, you’ll find an experienced team of hearing care professionals. From reception and the clinic room to our client service team, we’re dedicated to looking after your needs and give you a better hearing experience.

Our hearing specialists are fully qualified Audiometrists, Audiologists and hearing care professionals. Many of our team are fully accredited Members of the New Zealand Audiological Society and are highly experienced in working with all types of Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid funding. Book an appointment with one of our friendly experts – it’s free.

What does an audiologist do?

Your audiologist will guide you throughout the whole process as your own personal expert: From the first discussion, to the fine tuning that hearing aids to ensure they are correctly adjusted to your individual needs and support the regular maintenance of your hearing aid.

What should I expect when I visit an audiologist?

At Triton Hearing we're dedicated to finding the best hearing solution for you, personally.
  • When you call to book, we will ask you a few questions about your hearing. This helps us understand what type of checkup is likely best for you. Your visit to the audiologist will start with an individual consultation, including a hearing test.
  • Your checkup will be carried out by a hearing care professional.
  • On the day our friendly, qualified hearing care professional will take you through simple testing to check your hearing and discuss your lifestyle needs. This gives us an understanding of your personal hearing situation and your requirements. 
  • A simple free hearing test may only take 15-20 minutes, but if you are showing signs of hearing loss in everyday life, we recommend a free full, comprehensive, hearing assessment which takes around one hour.  
  • During your hearing test, the hearing care professional will create a visual representation of your hearing ability, know as an audiogram.

Free hearing test and hearing aid discussion with an audiologist

What happens after your hearing test?

Your Triton Hearing expert will explain:
  • Whether you have a hearing loss
  • All about your hearing loss
  • What hearing solutions are right for you
  • If you qualify for funding or subsidies to help with the cost of a hearing aid.
Sometimes follow-up hearing assessments may be needed, in many cases Triton Hearing will also offer these free of charge. 

If you need a hearing aid, the measurements on your audiogram are evaluated and an ear impression is created for a special earpiece. Earpieces (earmolds) are individually manufactured to ensure an optimum position and sound performance for your ear. They are combined with the hearing aid at a later stage.
Finally, the appropriate hearing aid is selected and adjusted. Our experienced audiologists carefully match your hearing aid to your specific requirements using modern computer software.

Where can I go if I have hearing loss?

Don't wait until it's too late.

Good hearing helps us enjoy the richness of life. If you think you have hearing loss, you might be experiencing the first signs if you think you have a hearing loss. It is vital to have a comprehensive hearing assessment with a trained professional. At your hearing test, we will check for hearing damage and talk through the options to suit your lifestyle.
A full hearing checkup is completely free at Triton Hearing and you’ll recieve the very best advice about your hearing needs from our expert team. It’s free to call on 0800 45 45 43.

The sooner you take action about hearing loss, the sooner you can enjoy life now and into the future. Take the first steps to better hearing today.

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Your audiologist will explain the fuction, care, and storage of your hearing aid, and will carry out a performance assessment.
We want you to enjoy your hearing aids for many years to come so Triton Hearing will support you with regular checkups throughout the life of your hearing aids.

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