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Pay As You Hear!

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Pay As You Hear, from $1 a day!

Triton Hearing is making it easy and affordable for you to enjoy better hearing on a simple, monthly subscription.  We call this Pay As You Hear, and it’s a bit of a breakthrough!

There are four Pay As You Hear technology tiers available:

  • Essential, for $1 a day
  • Connected, for $3 a day
  • Premium, for $5 a day 
  • Invisible, for $6.55 a day

Your Pay As You Hear subscription includes: 
​• A pair of hearing aids to use for the duration of your subscription
​• Upgrade to the latest technology, every 3 years.
• Free hearing checks and support
• First 30 Days free
• No lock in contracts, no minimum subscription
• No battery or repair costs, we take care of everything for you
• No warranty period, if your hearing aid fails, we'll replace it

* Pay As You Hear Terms and conditions apply.

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