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Causes and symptoms
Can you hear sounds that others say aren't there? Do your ears whistle, ring, hum, hiss or throb without any reason? One in two people experiences noises in their ears at least once in their lifetime, with one in five people developing chronic tinnitus. The problem is that these sounds seem very real to those affected but cannot be heard by those around them. What is tinnitus? Will it go away on its own? Can it be cured? Do you have to learn to live with it? You can find answers and helpful tips below!
Prevention and treatment
If you suddenly hear whistling, whooshing, or buzzing in your ear, the first step is to stay calm. While tinnitus is unpleasant, it’s not a symptom of a serious illness. The good news is that tinnitus that suddenly occurs usually disappears on its own quite quickly. But what should you do if the whistling or whooshing noises in your ear just won’t go away? The most important thing is to obtain a precise diagnosis of the causes of the sound in the ear. There are various treatment options, depending on the situation.
What is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus can be heard as a buzzing, whistling, throbbing, hissing, roaring, cicada-like noise or ringing in your ears. It can be present all of the time or only occasionally, and can vary in intensity. Tinnitus can develop gradually or suddenly. It is a phantom noise that in severe cases can be quite challenging to live with, particularly when it can be difficult to diagnose, understand or explain.
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