TeleAudiology is where the client and audiologist communicate through a high definition teleconferencing system. A trained “hands of the TeleAudiologist” is the conduit at the appointment, ensuring the comfort of the client and the seemless interaction with the audiologist. This communication technology enables remote consultations and the delivery of audiological services even if the client and audiologist are hundreds of kilometres apart.

Triton’s unique TeleAudiology service fully adheres to the New Zealand Audiological Society Best Practice Guidelines, including all provisions for room and equipment calibrations. “That means we provide a full diagnostic assessment, hearing and communication needs assessments, impression taking, hearing aid fitting and verification, purchase and full follow-up services through a synchronous, live connection.” – James Whittaker, Managing Director.
teleaudiology remote hearing appointment
In a future post, we will be taking you behind the scenes of Penelope, also known as Te Waka Awhina, our TeleAudiology 1949 Bedford Bus-turned-Mobile Hearing Clinic.

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