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At Triton Hearing, we know a lost or damaged Hearing Aid can have a serious impact on daily life. We want to help you get back to better hearing as soon as possible.

Minor damage

If you suspect your hearing aid has minor damage or needs a good spring clean, then contact your local Triton Hearing clinic to arrange a free clean and check. We’ll clean your hearing aids, inspect them for damage and replace any components that need refreshing (such as tubing or wax filters). There is no charge for this service – no matter where you bought your hearing aids.

Need a repair?

Triton Hearing’s clinical staff can do minor repairs to hearing aids. However, hearing aids are delicate and valuable pieces of technology so we may need to return your hearing aid to the manufacturer for review and repair. Any in-clinic repairs are free under our Lifetime Care. If manufacturer repairs are required, there may be a charge to you.

Lost or damaged hearing aids

Hearing aids are a significant investment and we recommend insuring them against damage or loss. Some household contents policies will include hearing aid cover but speak to your insurance provider to check. You may need to list hearing aids on your insurance policy because of the high value of each hearing aid. If you lose, or damage beyond repair an insured hearing aid, Triton Hearing can help. We’ll provide any necessary consultation services free of charge and get you fitted with a replacement aid as swiftly as possible. We’re preferred providers and experienced working with the major Insurance companies.
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