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Hearing aid costs and funding
Choosing the right hearing aid for you will be dependent on your individual listening needs, as well as your budget and your lifestyle.
Hearing aid prices
The right hearing aid not only gives you back your hearing, but can also dramatically improve your quality of life. The joys of communication are restored, and all the different soundscapes we encounter in life can be experienced once more.
Hearing aid accessories
Modern hearing aids are technical marvels. But the price of this amazing technology is high energy consumption. Energy consumption further increases if the hearing aid is connected wirelessly to a smartphone or TV set. The required energy is provided by extremely small batteries, known as button cells. However, they do need to be replaced at regular intervals. Revolutionary in this context is the latest generation of hearing aids, which feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
Hearing aid funding
Triton Hearing is an approved healthcare provider. As part of our Better Hearing Guarantee, we provide advice about the funding options and subsidies which may be available to make things easier to purchasing your hearing aids. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable and happy to help.
Hearing aids: What to expect
Welcome to better hearing. Hearing aids have changed dramatically and today's digital hearing aids are miniature computers that perform in varied and demanding situations. Where does your journey start? Hearing aids come in a range of prices so there’s something for every budget.
Latest offers
A Triton Hearing we aim to provide the best possible service and advice with a range of hearing solutions accessible for all New Zealanders, backed by our exclusive Better Hearing Guarantee. Check our our latest offers!
Do I need a hearing aid?
Do you experience difficulties in hearing or understanding? Have you always had hearing problems? Find out how to recognize the signs of hearing impairment below.
ACC fully funded hearing aids
If your hearing loss is attributed to an accident, medical treatment, or is a result of workplace noise exposure, you may be eligible for fully funded hearing aids through the ACC claims process.
How hearing aids work
Modern hearing aids use the latest digital technology. They can be customized according to the extent of hearing loss and the individual's personal needs. This is vital, since everyone perceives hearing loss in a different way.
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