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Want to try the latest hearing tech for free? Experience the difference cutting-edge hearing technology can make in your daily life and the lives of those around you. Request your Free 10-Day Trial today, it’s all part of our exclusive Better Hearing Guarantee!

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The fine print

Hearing aids have changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s solutions are small, discreet and tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. Some hearing devices are even partially or completely invisible. Experience a brand new world of sound during your Free 10-Day Trial, and hear the difference for yourself.
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How does it work?

You will have a free appointment and hearing assessment with a Triton Hearing audiologist to find the hearing aids that are right for you.

Then you can take your hearing aids home and immerse yourself in a new world of sound as you go about your daily activities. You can decide if hearing aids are right for you in your own time and environment.

We’ll show you how to operate and care for your hearing aids, and we’ll check in with you during the 10-Day Trial to see how you’re going.

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No obligation

There is no cost and no obligation. The 10-Day Trial is your time to experience the difference hearing aids can make. The final decision is yours, and you are under no obligation to buy.

At the end of the 10-Day trail you have enjoyed improvement that devices have made to your life, you can keep the hearing aids and discuss the payment options with your Audiologist, or discuss other technology options. At Triton Hearing, we have a hearing solution to meet all budget and lifestyle needs, we can find a device that’s right for you. 

Request a free hearing aid trial

You're always covered

Once you have made a decision to purchase your hearing aids, you are covered by Triton Hearing’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

Request a free hearing aid trial

Terms and conditions

  • You’ll need to sign the Triton Hearing FREE 10-Day Trial agreement and provide photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport. Copies of both documents will be held on file.
  • Either a credit card, or a fully refundable deposit of $500 will need to be provided before the trial hearing aids are fitted.
  • A Free 10-Day hearing aid trial is only available to if you have an aidable hearing loss.
  • At the end of your free 10-Day Trial, you can either book your final adjustment appointment and process payment for the hearing aids and associated products or they must be returned to Triton Hearing in a fair and reasonable condition.
  • During the 10-Day Trial period and until returned to Triton Hearing, you are responsible for the safe custody and care of the devices. You will need to contact your insurance company to ensure the devices are covered by them should anything happen.
  • There is no obligation to purchase the hearing aids provided they are returned in the required condition and time period.
  • You will be responsible to cover the full cost of the devices and any associated products if they are not returned in full and in the required condition, no more than 10 days after the end of the trial period.

Request a free hearing aid trial
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