Our aim at Fieldays is to make hearing healthcare accessible for everyone, particularly those who would otherwise not have been able to visit us. 
On-site, we had: 

  • Audiologists fitting 30-day hearing aid trials 
  • ​Two mobile clinics, Penelope and Parker, providing hearing checks by one of our trained audiologists 
  • Seven iPad kiosks, providing 10-minute screening tests 
  • Marquees, couches and tables where clients could relax, discuss the findings from their hearing checks and wait for an appointment with an audiologist 
  • Up to 10 staff each day, from audiologists and Hearing Care Specialists to our Marketing, Operations and Head Office teams, Fieldays  was indeed a group effort! 
The Triton Fieldays Site

A day-in-the-life of a client at Fieldays 

1. We encourage people to take the first step to get back to better hearing! Once on-site, visitors would be welcomed by one of our team members to discuss their hearing needs and why they were visiting us. Whether they needed their hearing checked, wanted a free 30-day hearing aid trial or just wanted to discuss their options, we had something for everyone.
The Triton Fieldays team members
2. Depending on the severity of their hearing needs, clients would either immediately complete a hearing check on one of our iPad devices or were booked in for a complete diagnostic assessment with one of our on-site audiologists.  

3. Once they were comfortable and knew how their hearing was progressing, they were given the option of trialling hearing aids on the day. If they chose to walk away with a pair of hearing aids, audiologists fitted them in our mobile clinic, Penelope.  

4. All that was left was to walk away and experience the joy of hearing things they hadn’t heard clearly for a long time!

Our mobile clinics and audiologists provided the same services they would provide in their local clinic, and this year was the second year we have fit hearing aids on-site. It proved to be a great success!  
We sat down with Melissa Owen, one of our Operations Advisors, at the beginning of the week to ask: 

1. Why do you enjoy coming to Fieldays? 
Coming to Fieldays allows us to connect with a wide range of people from across the country, some of whom we wouldn't have seen without the event. It also gives staff members the chance to connect with other colleagues in the network. Events like Fieldays bring together many different teams that don't collaborate day-to-day and get them working together on something really exciting.
The Triton Fieldays team members
2. What is the best part of the event? 
I find it difficult to see how our clients’ hearing loss has impacted their lives and the lives of their family and loved ones. But being able to see how hearing aids have helped people from all different backgrounds and how they have improved their quality of life is tremendous. Discussing our clients hearing journeys is always the best part. 

3. What is the most challenging part of the day? 
Ensuring that the flow of visitors we receive over the day is evenly distributed between our on-site staff. Although we are at a fast-paced event, each of our clients must have the attention they need to work with our team towards their desired outcome.  

4. What type of organisation is needed for an event like Fieldays?
One of the most significant parts of preparing for Fieldays is organising our client flow and triage process. Different clients will require different levels of support, so our on-site team must triage our clients correctly so that they are booked in for the correct appointment and get access to the right type of help. It's also essential to manage our client flow and ensure that we have enough staff on-site.

This year we had tremendous success with our on-site fittings. We had one client arrive and explain his frustrations over his current hearing care provider. Although he had purchased a pair of hearing aids two years ago, he struggled, and they were not serving his needs. We offered him the chance to trial our hearing aids; he jumped at the opportunity! Our audiologists fitted this client with Phonak hearing aids in our mobile clinic, Penelope, and he noticed an instant improvement. He walked off-site happy, and we were thrilled to be able to provide a positive outcome.

The Triton Fieldays team members

Fieldays 2021 was a fantastic event; we look forward to coming to Mystery Creek every year and cannot wait to see what we bring in 2022. If you are coming to Fieldays next year, be sure to swing past our friendly team at the Triton Hearing site!