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Pay As You Hear

pay as you hear subscription hearing aids

'Pay As You Hear'

Triton Hearing is making it easy and affordable for you to enjoy our best hearing technology on a simple, monthly subscription.  We call this Pay As You Hear, and it’s a bit of a breakthrough!

There are four Pay As You Hear technology tiers available:

  • Essential, for $1 a day
  • Connected, for $3 a day
  • Premium, for $5 a day 
  • Invisible, for $6.55 a day

All Pay As You Hearing subscriptions come with:
​• Upgrade to the latest technology every 3 years.
• Free hearing checks and support whenever you need it
• First month free
• No lock in contracts, no minimum subscription
• No more batteries or repair costs, we take care of everything for you
• No warranty period to worry about, if your hearing aid fails, we shall replace it

Triton Hearing 'Pay As You Hear' subscription service, from $1 a day*. Terms and conditions apply.


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