The Auckland based Contact Service Centre (CSC) has always been an integral part of Triton Hearing. It is a hive of activity with different teams working as one unit, to support each other to deliver exceptional customer service. They are a team that works hard for our clients and clinics in their home away from home.

Every day the Contact Service Centre starts with a team huddle. This is where Jael, the Team Leader takes the team through any feedback from the clinics and clients that we received the day before. They discuss what marketing offers we have available to our clients and set the focus for the day. They then get down to the business of helping current and potential clients.
Call Centre Booking Hearing Tests
Here are some quotes from the team on why they like being part of the Contact Service Centre and Triton Hearing team:

“We make a massive difference to so many lives and I love being able to contribute to the community in this way.” – Lori

“Getting to work alongside great people and management.” – Olivia

“Triton is a business that cares about its customers as well as its staff.” and “It feels like a cohesive team with comradery and respect for each other and for the work that we do.” - Kathryn

Within the Centre, there are different teams dedicated to support clinics to help our clients get back to better hearing or to help clients monitor how their hearing changes over time. The four teams provide the following services:
  • Calls to our existing clients who are due for their hearing check-ups and book their review appointments
  • Respond to queries that come through our phone lines, webchat queries, help manage the clinicians' schedules and fulfil any online orders
  • Support our clients through the ACC funding journey
  • Support our clients through their hearing aid Insurance replacements process
The Contact Team arranging hearing loss appointments and hearing aids
michelle the CSC manager