Meet our team


I am a mother to three grown boys, born and bred in New Plymouth. I think that this is the best place to live in New Zealand.

I joined Triton in early 2018 as an Ear Nurse. In the same year, I was part of the team that toured around Mount Taranaki in our mobile hearing clinic, Penelope. This was an amazing experience and allowed us to connect with members of our local Iwi and bring hearing care to those that could not come to us. 

This experience inspired me to extend my knowledge, and in 2019 I enrolled in an audiometry course. After lots of delays due to COVID-19, I finally sat my audiometry exam in late 2020.


I am a locum audiologist flying from Hawkes Bay each week and working at Triton New Plymouth since May 2021. I love it! Michelle, Kelly and Rebecca have been so welcoming and great at recommending accommodation and restaurants just two minutes walk away from the clinic!

During my three days here, I see a mix of ACC and private patients and supervise Rebecca, who’s a provisional NZAS audiometrist. For 3 hours a week, I sit in with her while she sees patients. I enjoy the time we get together to discuss cases and check files.

Whether they’re talking to colleagues or clients, nothing is ever too much trouble, making for a fun and positive workplace. They've all been incredibly supportive.


Joining Triton Hearing in 2016 as a part-time Hearing Care Specialist is an opportunity I am forever grateful I accepted! With 15 years in the Audiology industry, I find that I still have all of the passion I started with and have gained so much knowledge along the way. Our New Plymouth team and our clients make my workdays fun, and no two are the same!

New Plymouth offers our family (my partner from the UK and two daughters) the freedom of the great outdoors as well as loads of facilities within a short drive. I was born and bred in Taranaki, and there is no place I would rather be. We have the freedom, time and balance between living and working

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Having been with Triton for almost three years, every day continues to bring something new and challenging. Working part-time in the Hearing Care Specialist role with Michelle works wonderfully. I get the opportunity to interact with a wide range of our clients! The New Plymouth team delivers exceptional service to our customers in a fun and welcoming environment. A beautiful clinic with amenities just outside our door in stunning Taranaki – what more could you ask for?

Q&A with the New Plymouth Team

1. Why did you choose Triton?
I love that I can use my knowledge and expertise to fit any hearing aid brand based on my client’s needs. I appreciate the longer appointment times I can offer my clients. These ensure that I have enough time to care for them and get my notes done properly. – Jenny, Audiologist

2. What are the clients in Taranaki like?
Taranaki clients are like no other. They’re very friendly, place their trust in us and enjoy the outcome. We get to know them well; they become friends/family. Before you know it, we have met generations of families and heard some entertaining stories! It’s a great community environment. – Michelle, Hearing Care Specialist

3. What is the best part about the New Plymouth clinic?
The clients! They are lovely to deal with and appreciate the warm, friendly atmosphere. On top of that, the New Plymouth clinic is new, has soundproofing and is spacious. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at this clinic. I would love to stay if I wasn’t finishing up as a locum audiologist in this area at Christmas for my upcoming maternity leave. – Jenny, Audiologist

new plymmouth audiology clinic providing free hearing tests
4. Do you think there is room for career progression at Triton?
Absolutely. I started at Triton in 2018 as an Ear Nurse, and I am now working alongside the New Plymouth team as a provisional Audiometrist. I love my job and will be sitting for my next audiometry exam in 18 months. – Rebecca, Audiometrist

5. How do you find your work/life balance?
Working part-time provides a great work/life balance for my family and me and allows me to do what I love whilst soaking up all Taranaki offers! – Kelly, Hearing Care Specialist 

6. If someone hadn’t visited Taranaki before, what would you suggest they do?
Whether you’re interested in summiting Mount Taranaki, cycling the Coastal Walkway, climbing Paritutu Rock, or taking in the beauty of Pukekura Botanical Gardens, there is something for everyone!

Our team suggest you keep an eye out for our Festival of Lights, WOMAD and Garden Festivals!

Although we are a small city the quality of our eateries rivals those in bigger cities. A few of our team's favourites are Bateman’s Bakery, The Hour Glass, Shining Peak Brewery, India Today and Table Restaurant at Nice Hotel.
7. How has your hard work been recognised?
At Triton Hearing, we nominate our colleagues for the monthly Tritonian Award. This award recognizes those who go the extra mile for their clients and their colleagues. Our hard work has been recognized nationally over the last five years with the following awards:
  • June 2017 Tritonian Team Award for “Turning our customers into raving fans”
  • 2017 Exceptional Client Service Award
  • 2019 Ear Nurse of the Year Award
  • November 2019 Tritonian Award for “Providing outstanding customer care.
It’s important that we go the extra mile for our clients, and really nice when our hard work is recognised.

8. What do you love about the Taranaki lifestyle?
You have endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors, from mountain to sea and everything in between. Where else in the world can you summit a dormant volcano (Mount Taranaki/Taranaki Maunga) in the morning and freshen up in the surf in the afternoon?

On top of that, you have access to award-winning architecture and facilities, including the Len Lye Centre, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Puke Ariki. New Plymouth offers access to high-quality schools, a wide range of family amenities, parks and extra-curricular clubs! - Michelle, Hearing Care Specialist

9. What do you enjoy most about your job?
The New Plymouth team delivers exceptional service to our customers in a fun and welcoming environment. A beautiful clinic with amenities just outside our door in stunning Taranaki – what more could you ask for! – Kelly, Hearing Care Specialist

10. Would you recommend Taranaki as a relocation destination?
Before starting in my role at Triton Hearing, I relocated from the bottom of the South Island with my husband and two young children. Thanks to the wonderful Triton team, this transition has been a breeze! It is the best place to live in New Zealand – Kelly, Hearing Care Specialist.

A massive thank you to our wonderful New Plymouth team for giving us an insight into their roles at Triton. We are very fortunate to have the team’s experience so we can continue to deliver exceptional service and client experiences. If you’re in the area, be sure to pop into our clinic and say hi to the team!

If you are interested in working for Triton in New Plymouth get in touch –