Careers at Triton Hearing


Our People Matter

We listen to our team, using independent staff surveys to learn and improve. Everybody’s opinion is valued. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our clients and our staff.


Experience Counts

We’ve been providing hearing solutions for clients for over 27 years. Our national team of 59 clinicians include 42 fully certified CCC professionals and 32 supervisors. This weight of combined experience and our culture of peer discussion means a wealth of support for clinicians and the best care for our clients.


Triton Academy

Learning and collaboration are vital in making Triton Hearing a workplace of choice. In 2015, Triton Hearing launched the Triton Academy, our own web-based professional education forum. Developed by experienced Audiologists and adult learning professionals, it is creating a new standard in the hearing industry. From induction on, the Triton Academy provides the opportunity for professional improvement, peer support and the exchange of ideas for roles in all areas of our team.

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We take recruitment seriously. We love Triton Hearing and we believe it’s important for you to consider why we’d be a great career move for you. We are always interested in hearing from professionals who are passionate about community health and promoting hearing health in the community. After all, we want to make sure it would be as good a decision for you as it is for us.

If you’re curious to find out more about making Triton Hearing your next career move, please contact us HRManager@tritonhearing.co.nz We’d love to hear from you.