Simple and Free

Your initial hearing test will take less time than it takes to share a coffee with a friend. Our qualified hearing experts can give you the answers you need to start your journey to better hearing.

Our hearing exam is completely FREE and if you need them, so are any follow-up assessments with our Audiology clinicians.

Triton Hearing also offers medical hearing testing. These appointments may incur a fee – just ask us at the time of booking.

What should I expect from my hearing test?

Wondering what to expect when we check your hearing? Read all about Triton Hearing’s assessments here.

Triton Hearing services

As well as tailored hearing solutions, we can also help with the following hearing care services:

Hearing tests for children

New Zealand children are screened when newborn and also at 4 years old, during their 4-year-old Well Child check. If you are concerned your child may have a hearing loss, you should consult your GP in the first instance.

Selected Triton Hearing clinics provide paediatric audiology services in partnership with the local health authority.