Adjusting to your new Hearing Aids

If you’ve recently received Hearing Aids then you’ll be getting used to wearing them. Your Triton Hearing Expert has programmed the Hearing Aids specifically for you and shown you how to use them. Here’s some additional advice to get the best from your new world of sound.

Now what?

Many people are hesitant to wear their Hearing Aids at first. It often takes a while before it feels natural and comfortable. It’s also common for people to avoid wearing Hearing Aids altogether. But don’t put it off. There are many important reasons for taking action on hearing loss, like improving your relationships and your personal wellbeing. So, it’s worth persevering and learning to enjoy your Hearing Aids.

What to Expect

It may have been years since you heard the full spectrum of sounds and initially you may be surprised by how much noise there is in the world! Many of the background noises which people with normal hearing have learnt to ignore are going to sound new to you and therefore will be much harder to shut out. As you become reacquainted with the common sounds around you, your brain will also learn to ignore background sounds and will focus on the important sounds. This process may take several months. Your own voice can sound very strange when you first wear Hearing Aids. This is a common experience, and you will quickly find that your brain adjusts. If you are uncomfortable with new sounds during this period, talk to your Triton Hearing expert – they may be able to make adjustments to help.


Orientation Program

Practicing with your new Hearing Aids will help your brain adjust to the new sound messages it's receiving – helping you adjust to your Hearing Aids faster. Your audiologist professional will often provide advice specific to you. Our online Orientation Program may also be helpful.