Hearing loss: the facts

  • Hearing loss is common

  • Hearing loss can be gradual and unexpected

  • Hearing loss is usually permanent

  • Hearing loss can reduce quality of life and impact relationships

  • Hearing loss is treatable


What causes hearing loss?

The ear is a complex organ so hearing loss may happen for many different reasons and can occur at any age. The most common form of hearing loss is age-related, normally appearing after the age of 65. Hearing loss can also result from injury, infection or overexposure to excessive noise.

The common signs of hearing loss

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If you think you may have hearing loss, it is vital to have a comprehensive hearing test with a trained professional. This will test for your level of hearing damage and we'll then discuss what you can do to help improve your hearing.

A full hearing check is completely FREE at Triton Hearing and because we’re Consumer Trusted you know you’ll get genuine, honest advice from experienced Hearing Experts. It’s even free to call on 0800 45 45 44, or take an Online Hearing Test right now.

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