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Loud noise damaged your hearing?

You may be eligible for ACC hearing aids - at no cost to you. Today's hearing aids are so small you can hardly see them and they can make a big difference and this month you get 1000 Bonus Fly Buys points with ACC fittings. Get your hearing back…. And great rewards! Arrange a free appointment with our Audiologists to talk about your hearing.

Find out if more…. call Triton Hearing 0800 45 45 44

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Free Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids 2017.

When choosing a hearing aid, it’s hard to know where to start. Get your free copy of Consumer’s Guide to hearing aids, New Zealand’s only independent guide. Find out about the all best hearing aids with feature, style and price guides. So it’s easy to choose the right hearing aid for your lifestyle and budget. The Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids is available exclusively from Triton Hearing.  Order your FREE Hearing Aid Guide.

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Better Hearing. Guaranteed.

Experience better hearing with a Free trial of our latest Hearing Aid technology. Book your FREE appointment today on 0800 45 45 42.

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Titanium Free Trial

Today's hearing aids are so discreet, no one will see how well you can hear. Call today to reserve your Free Trial of our latest hearing technology.