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Pairing and connecting

How to pair your hearing aids to your iPhone:

How to connect your rechargeable hearing aids to the myPhonak app:

How to start a virtual care appointment

  1. Open the MyPhonak app and click on the three horizontal lines at the top right hand side.
  2. Click on 'Remote Support'.
  3. Click on the green 'Start' button to enter the virtual waiting room.
  4. Wait for the incoming call from your audiologist.
  5. Click on 'Accept' to pick up. This starts a remote support video session.

Virtual Care is easy to access

Virtual Care capability is built into all new Phonak hearing devices.  All you need to do to get ready yourself is download an app to your phone and follow some easy set-up instructions.  When you have your first Virtual Care appointment, the audiologist will be able to connect directly with your hearing devices via your phone, talk to you like you’re in the same room, and make real time adjustments. You can choose to do it as a video call or with the phone on speaker.  It’s really very clever and seamless.

Virtual Care is free and unlimited

At Triton Hearing, your receive Lifetime Free Care and support with your new hearing device purchase, no matter whether that’s done with an appointment in-clinic or using the Virtual care service.

What you need to access Virtual Care

1. A Smartphone and MyPhonak App downloaded

To access Virtual Care you need a smartphone, and you need to download a free app called MyPhonak. This app is a remote control to allow you to adjust the sound of your new devices, but it also has a remote support feature to accept an incoming request from your audiologist to adjust your hearing aids. We call this the Virtual Care Gateway. Our Virtual Care team cannot connect remotely to your hearing aids without your permission.

2. You MyPhonak app paired to your hearing devices

With the MyPhonakapp downloaded, you just need to follow the instructions the first time you open it to pair the app to the hearing devices. Your audiologist or frontline clinic staff can assist you to get this connected if need be.

3. Good WiFi

You will need good WiFi at home, or wherever else you are for the appointment. Virtual Care tech support is not available on 4G at the moment. But it works beautifully with WiFi, via your smartphone. 

MyPhonak app support

How to setup the myPhonak app for Virtual Support

How to setup the myPhonak app for “Hearing Diary”

How to use “My Hearing Aids” in the myPhonak app


Troubleshooting myPhonak app connectivity issues on iPhone

Troubleshooting myPhonak app Bluetooth settings on iPhone

How do I clean my hearing aids?

Below we have cleaning and maintenance video instructions of how to clean your hearing aids.

Receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids

How to clean a RIC hearing aid

How to change a RIC hearing aid dome

How to change the CeruShield wax filter of the RIC hearing aid receiver

How to change the CeruStop on a RIC custom hearing aid earpiece

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids

How to clean a hearing aid with an earmould

How to clean a hearing aid with a slim tube

In the ear (ITE) hearing aids

How to clean a custom hearing aid